My first ever game jam entry! Glad you check it out. The game and all assets were created by myself within a 48h time period and the theme were "Roll of the dice".


Each side has a number of balls that are used to collect pink-black poker chips. These chips is your score and the main objective.

Obstacles in form of white cubes with red crosses on spawn and your challenge is to use the WASD-keys to prevent the cubes knocking off the balls of your dice. 

The game is over after ~20 obstacle passes and you will see a cut-scene and your score will be displayed.

You can restart at any time by pressing R. This is highly recommended if you loose your 5 or 6-ball sides as your reach will be limited.

Use WASD to rotate 90 degrees

Press space to rotate more (another 90 degrees)

Avoid cross-dices, they'll hurt you.

Gather "poker chips" for points.

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